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Learn more about the M&T story

Learn more about the
M&T story

Our Story

Will your bank stick with you in good times and bad?

Our pledge to you.

We'll stand by you, time and time again. Just ask anyone who banks with us. At M&T, we’re committed to working as hard for your money as you do.

157 years of keeping customers happy!
Strong & stable for 147 consecutive quarters

Partners in Business

Is your bank more interested in their business than yours?

We love seeing small businesses grow. Let us help yours.

We make your business our business. At M&T Bank, we work hard everyday to ensure that your business has the tools it needs to succeed.

There are plenty of ways M&T Bank can help businesses just like yours.

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Bob Silverman, CEO of Bylada Foods, discusses the importance of having a partnership with M&T Bank that goes well beyond what's expected.

Mike and Jenn Maher talk about getting the best of both worlds with M&T Bank; the resources and experience of a large bank combined with the personal service of a small bank.
SBA, M&T Report Card: #6 SBA Lender, Nationally; #3 SBA Lender, Eastern US; #2 SBA Lender, NYC; Plus, We're the #1 SBA lender in many of the markets we serve. According to statistics released by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) for total approved loans through the SBA's 7(a) lending program during the federal fiscal year ending 9/30/2012.
Won 10 National Greenwich Excellence Awards: Overall Satisfaction; Personally Banking, Overall Satisfaction; Relationship Performance; Financial Stability. Based on Greenwich Associates 2012 Small Business Banking Excellence Awards

Mortgage Solutions

Want a bank that works as hard as you to close the deal?

Your local mortgage resource.

At M&T, we know how important fast answers are to Realtors and home buyers.

Our loan officers are directly connected to our back office team - so we can deliver the prompt, local decisions you can rely on.

Limited time offer:
$250 closing cost discount.*

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Multiple Solutions Under One Roof
In Town, In Touch In Time; Committed to Closing
Extensive Mortgage Experience; 500,000 Homeowners, 77 billion dollars in mortgages

Commercial Expertise

Want a commercial bank that's part of your neighborhood?

Cut the red tape and the hassle.

You'll get the benefit of working with one of the largest commercial banks in the country, all close to home.

Visit with one of our commercial relationship managers and get your loan decision locally. You can be assured you'll work with someone who's as interested in seeing your business grow as you are.

We have plenty of ways to help your commercial needs.

Ask a Local Expert

Joseph Lagana, CEO of USIS, talks about the 25-year relationship he's enjoyed with M&T and how working with real people, that understand his business, adds value.

Kevin Sinclair, Managing Director for Wireless Zone, discusses how M&T's commitment to deeply understanding his business made them a better company.

Eric Fisk, CEO of Fisk Alloy, uses an eloquent metaphor to describe the importance of consistent support during the ups and downs of a manufacturing business.
We have local knowledge for better decision making
In 2012, 7,100 new commercial Loans & leases totaling $13 billion dollars

We Give Back

Think banks have gotten too big to care?

You can count on us.

Your hometown matters to us, too. We look for ways to give back to the communities we call home and the people who make them thrive.

Get a helping hand from The M&T Charitable Foundation.

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336,000 hours volunteered each year
Donated $20 million in 2012 to 3,100 nonprofits
Raised $824,143 for Hurricane Sandy Relief